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Update on puppy Finley

Hi Barb.
Finley is amazing. He cried a little from your place to Litchfield. Once Buddy was in the car with him, he only cried in the St. Paul tunnel when it got loud with the vehicles…. 🙂 First night, I laid him down (sounds like a newborn…) at 9:30 and he didn’t cry until 5:00 am (which is when I get up anyway). AMAZING…. and better yet, it has been like this EVERY night! I’m so impressed.

He is laid back but does have some spunk in him. LOVE IT! He wants to be with me and I love that too! I really think he knew his name already on Saturday.

This past weekend, I’m sure Buddy kept wondering when this little one was going home. But he is adjusting very well! Last night he wanted his big ball back and instead of growling, just nudged Finley aside to get it. I’m very proud of how Buddy is adjusting to this new little, time consuming, wonderful addition!

When I’m gone during the day, Finley is out most of the day with my assistant who is great with following all the training rules too. We have a puppy playpen on the first and second floor when we need him to be confined during the day.

We are very, very happy with him. When I get more time I will send you some pics. The vet check was a blessing on perfect health. Thank you once again for a wonderful puppy!