Specializing in Breeding and Training Golden Retrievers for 40 Years.

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We live on a charming hobby farm just west of the metro in Delano, MN. Our location provides a lot of running-around space with open fields and a very long driveway! The dogs get exercised several times a day, and interact with our dogs and us! We have been boarding and raising dogs for over sixteen years and are confident your dog will have a great stay with us! Please note that we only offer boarding to Rolling Oaks clients.

Boot Camp

Boot camp is an intense program that establishes the basic commands for goldens starting at 6 months old and preferably before 1 year.
We customize the training to your needs and establish good manners in all settings. You will be equipped with the tools needed to have long term training successs!

Mini Camp

This is a great service to kickstart owning a new dog and is designed for goldens under 6 months of age!

Training covers the basic commands of sit, stay, come, and heel. We equip you with the tools you need to start off this new journey with your dog!

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