Specializing in Breeding and Training Golden Retrievers for 40 Years.

Specializing in Breeding and Training Golden Retrievers for 40 Years.

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  • We LOVE NuVet Supplements!

Benefits of using NuVet Supplements:

  • They love the taste and it keeps their immune system strong.
  • We have seen significant changes in our aging dogs when using NuJointDS. They do not need pain medication for joint pain when taking this amazing supplement.
  • We give NuVet Plus to all our puppies and dogs.

When do I start using NuVet?

  • 7 weeks to age five years of age: NuVet Plus
  • Age five and older: NuJoint Plus
  • Aging dogs with joint pain: NuJointDS (Double Strength)

Other NuVet Products I Recommend:

  • NuVet Pet and Stain Remover
  • Odor Control Pet Shampoo
  • Puppy & Kitten Pet Shampoo

No one wants to purchase products that don’t work. With all my years of experience, I can honestly say NuVet products are some of the best.

Dog Food

There are many excellent dog foods. How do you choose the right one for your puppy? At Rolling Oaks Goldens we prefer a company that is based in the USA. We look at previous recalls and quality of product. We recommend Fromm Family Foods, Nutri Source or Life’s Abundance. Fromm and Nutri Source can be purchased at most pet food stores. Life’s Abundance must be ordered online and is delivered to your door. Determining which food you should purchase depends on each individual lifestyle and preference.

To learn more about each company check out their website at the following  links.

Our Favorite Collars

This is gear for dogs that brave autumn without an argyle sweater, ride shotgun in the pickup, nudge their running partner awake before the alarm goes off…you get the idea. Dogs like these need gear that keeps up with them, in the city and the country; the rain and the sun; the hot and the cold; the dark and the light.

Minnesota based company -This gear is for you and your dog. Whatever you do. Every day.

Barb's Book

Chosen for This Gift is Barb’s story of hope, survival and raising a child with special needs. Barb Felt (owner of Rolling Oaks Goldens) lives on a 200 acre farm in mid-Minnesota with her husband, Russ.
They have been married for thirty-three years, have six children and five grandchildren. Their youngest daughter Amy has Down syndrome. The Felts are active in their community and church, where Barb occasionally speaks for the women’s ministry. She owns Rolling Oaks Goldens, a family business breeding and training golden retrievers.


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Affiliate Companies

Russel Williams

Russel Williams, owned by my son David Felt, offers Window Cleaning, Power Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Fixture and Blind Cleaning, Tint Film and Holiday Light Installation. They have locations in Minneapolis and Denver.

Kura Home

Kura Home Maintenance, owned by my son Daniel Felt, offers Routine Home Maintenance and Commercial Maintenace Packages, Air Duct Cleaning Packages, Dryer Vent Cleaning, and Air Conditioning Cleaning. They have locations in Minneapolis and Denver

Entirely India

Entirely India is a social business enterprise that supports the empowerment of women and children living in the slums and on the streets of Calcutta, India. For every product you purchase, 100% of the profits go to support education and training for those living in extreme poverty. Enjoy your new bag and change a life today!