Specializing in Breeding and Training Golden Retrievers for 40 Years.

Our Story

We’re so glad you are here! We’d like to introduce you to the Rolling Oaks Family. Russ & Barb have been raising Golden Retrievers for almost 40 years. We are striving to produce healthy, happy puppies and maintain a relationship with our clients so that if needed, we can coach them in raising their dog. Our goal is to make purchasing a Golden Retriever a memorable experience where you feel like you have been part of a team. We believe in honesty and consider ourselves ethical breeders who care deeply about our dogs, puppies and clients. We invite you to check out our testimonial page, follow us on Instagram, and sign-up for our updates. 

Welcome to our family!

Meet Our Team

Why Rolling Oaks Goldens

Dream It.

Over 40 years ago Russ & I fell in love. We had a dream to have 6 kids, live on a farm and raise our family together. The first year we moved into the country he gave me a Golden Retriever. I fell in love.

As a young couple we struggled to make ends meet with just one income, as I wanted desperately to be a stay at home mom. As time went on we realized we could do what we loved and supplement our income. Thus, Rolling Oaks Goldens!

One of the biggest perks of my job is including my family. They have all been a part of Rolling Oaks. We truly are a family business. We live on a 200-acre farm that allows us to run our dogs off leash. Is there anything more beautiful that dogs running freely in a field?

Build It.

We have almost 40 years experience in raising and training Golden Retrievers. All of our breeding dogs have their health clearances. We stand behind our dogs and have a 2 year health guarantee. We stay in touch with our clients and find most of our dogs live to be 10 – 14 years old.

While we believe good pedigrees are of utmost importance, our opinion is environment and human interaction is critical to producing a truly healthy, happy, confidant dog.

We have developed a protocol that includes puppy observation and interaction with humans and other animals. As the puppy develops we begin to do different temperament tests to determine who is more playful, who is more laid back. Which puppy would make a better companion or therapy dog and which would do well with a hunter. Interacting with the puppies on such a deep level allows us to make the best match of puppy to owner.

Grow It.

When you purchase a puppy from Rolling Oaks you become part of the team. We all have a common goal: for you to have a healthy, happy puppy become a great companion and part of your family. We take this very seriously and do all we know to do to educate you and coach you to accomplish this.

Birth to seven weeks is a critical time in a puppy’s development. Each puppy is held individually each day from the moment of birth by people of all ages. When puppies are 6 weeks old, they are taken off the farm every day to visit schools, nursing homes, preschool, day care, churches and assisted living facilities. They are introduced to other dogs and animals, and go swimming with their mother and litter mates. Why is this important? As the puppy experiences new environments while in the comfort of their litter mates, they become confidant. A confidant puppy is easier to train. Your puppy will go on at least five car rides and be introduced to a crate for potty training. We send a towel home for you to place in the crate with the scent of the mother on it to help ease the transition from our home to yours.

We spend individual time with each puppy to determine it’s personality and temperament, then match puppy to owner. We educate our clients on vaccines, potty training and obedience training. We coach them on behavior and how to introduce a leash. What ever your dream is we want to help you achieve it by starting your puppy out in the best possible environment with the best pedigree and health history.