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Update on puppy Bella


Dear Barb,
Every day Bella continues to amaze us and is such a blessing! She went to the vet last Thursday and everything checked out fine! We have our next vet visit set up in a few weeks. The vet’s office was so impressed with all of the socialization activities you had given your puppies and also with the extra time you took to crate the puppies before the new owner takes them home. They said it is rare that a breeder takes such extraordinary care with her puppies. I was amazed at how Bella took to all of the new people in her life. She had the entire vet office (including some people in the waiting area) wanting to come and meet her. Within three days she had eagerly and happily met all of my family, a few neighbors, a few dogs, and my hair salon and all of the stylists. She loves people and I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done to promote such a friendly and confident spirit in her.

The pointers you gave us when we came to get her have continued to echo in my head and they really made a difference. We dealt right away with the puppy nips and she has responded nicely. Even more amazing…. she went right to bed and slept through the night on the first night in her crate, which I put in our family room. At 5:30 a.m. she barked to let us know she wanted to get up. I have never had such an easy time training a dog! It is only day 6 and she now barks at the sliding glass door when she needs to go out. We are not accident free but close to it!

It has been so much fun to enjoy puppy antics, again. She barks at her reflection in the fireplace glass and the black lacquered piano. She loves to play with her toys and to sniff around the pine trees in the back yard. One day her feet got some sap on them from the pine trees, so I gave her a foot bath in the tub. The next day she pushed the bathroom door open and barked at my daughter– who said it looked like Bella wanted to get in the tub!

We are having so much fun and enjoying every minute. Thanks again for all that you do. It really DOES make a difference! You picked the perfect pup for us!