Barb Felt

Koda is 16!

Hi! I want to make you all aware that our Koda has reached his 16th birthday. It’s probably not common for Goldens to reach 16 years. He’s the absolute best dog. Weighs about 90-95 pounds with huge paws. I hope you know how much he’s blessed our family and we reciprocate with love. I know …

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Happy New Year!

Christmas 2021 was so fun at the farm. All the kids were home for a few days. There are 24 of us now so there is lots of meal planning and action. We wanted 6 kids and now we are reaping the benefits of all the hard work that goes into raising a family. If you …

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Keeva Update

16 weeks old! So crazy to think about! Keeva (Liberty/Winston)is still best friends with the farm cats. The cats will come running to play with Keeva when we are outside. It’s so funny to watch!   We were at the vet today to get our last Distemper booster. We are at 34.5 lbs! Everyone used …

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Mindy Is 10!

Mindy Lee Mueller  (photo attached) is 10 yrs. old today.  She is out of Daniels Delilah of Rolling Oaks .  Mindy is in very good shape and still goes hunting although she just likes to watch and run along…….. not interested in participating.  She is the sweetest dog ever!   Thanks for giving her to …

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Kiah – The Therapy Dog

Kiah passed her canine good citizen and therapy test today!   She is such a sweet mellow girl. She already has a job at a local hospital visiting the staff who, as you can imagine, need this!  Once things open up she will be allowed to visit patients.


Thanks for checking in! We are LOVING having Maisie as part of our family! She is such a sweet girl. She is really figuring out potty training and hasn’t had an accident in over a week. She is fun, playful, and snuggly.