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Puppies going to their new homes

One of Hazel's puppies
One of Hazel’s puppies

All the puppies have gone to their homes. Most people ask if we are sad when they leave. My response is always the same…No, I am very happy. I am happy because I have done my job. I have held these puppies every day since birth, taken care of the mother and observed the pups as they developed. Took them off the farm to visit the nursing home, preschool, swimming with their mother, meeting other dogs, to the vet and school. Tested each puppy individually the last week, introduced them to the crate and made sure they were all safe. It is a lot of work. By the time they leave, I am so happy they are going to their new homes and will be a blessing to their new owners!

Anna has been helping me the last two months. Today she left for Minneapolis to go to culinary school. I am so happy for her, but will really miss her company. She knows what needs to be done before I tell her. I honestly couldn’t have placed all the puppies this summer without her help. We put in some 12 and 16 hour days for a while, with no complaints from her! She coordinated the state fair for me and organized schedules for people to help hold puppies! She is an amazing young woman and I am so happy to be her mom! I have attempted to reach most of the clients who submitted a puppy application lately. If you have not heard from me, I will be calling you soon. Thank you for being patient and understanding.

The fall season is here and I love it. Our big woods are beautiful and the lake looks like a mirror most mornings. I am very thankful for the farm I live on and the dogs I get to raise. I love goldens and will forever think they are the best breed in the world. I feel privileged to be a part of the “golden” world!!