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I published my book!

A lot of you may know that I have been working on publishing a book about my life and the trials and triumphs of raising a child with special needs. I am so excited and happy to say that I have finished the book and it is now available for purchase from the website www.chosenforthisgift.com. It has been exciting and exhausting at times to finish this book. I have been so blessed to be able to live out my dream…to be a wife and mother, raise golden retrievers, live on a farm…A day does not pass that I am not thankful for all I have been given. Even though I have experienced tragedy in my life, I have also experienced love and joy beyond my dreams. Check out the website and learn more about Amy and the very special gift we have been given. Today is my birthday. I can’t think of a better present than to be able to share this book and my story with all of you.