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Sienna at Christmas


Thought we’d send you an update on Sienna (Zoey and Captain 2/13/10). She is AWESOME!!! Here she is at Christmas having a ball! She had lots of gifts of her very own to open. . . . she selected some favorites when she got tired, kept them close and took a nap! She also got a puzzle to figure out . . . kept her going, but she’s a smart girl – as you can see by the wet nose marks, she figured it out pretty quick! She’s continuing in Intermediate Obedience classes – she has passed them, but I’m keeping her in them so we ‘both’ get a good foundation if we choose to move forward. She has many of the hand signals down already! Our next level will be Novice – considered a prep for competition (if you so choose). I’ve been encouraged to have her go into obedience trials – but I’m not ready – even tho’ she is! . . . and not sure if this is what I really want to do because I just love being with her, playing and letting her own personality come out, so it’s hard to get enough ‘practice’ in : ) haha! – she is doing GREAT! She is well behaved and just an excellent companion. Tho’ a true family pet and one that ‘thinks’ (or is it wishes?) she’s a lap dog – she’s kind of a ‘mama’s girl’ and I’m loving it! I thank the good Lord above every day for her and feel so blessed to have her in our family – and for such good breeding – you do such an excellent job. She turned two on Feb. 13 (13 is my new lucky number!) and we celebrated her day! On St. Patty’s day she wore a shamrock collar with sparkles – I’ve made a fool of myself getting holiday collars for her!!! So much fun!!! We’ve gotten many compliments on her – both on her looks and her behavior! She loves her walks and her curiosity is unending! What a joy!!! Hope to hear from some of her siblings!