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I just wanted to give you a quick update after Tashi first birthday. It’s really amazing to think it was this time last year that Jewel and Captain had this beautiful litter of pups in August and we were just about to pick up this little bundle of fur. I’m working on trying to talk Harry in getting another dog which would have been impossible in years past, but because she is such a wonderful dog I’m actually getting through a bit. very time someone comments on what a beautiful dog she is that gives me the opportunity to tell them about you, your family, the breeding program you have and the loving environment it is. We really feel honored to have such a great dog and we count our blessings every day.

I’ve enclosed a couple of pictures of Tashi enjoying a fall day at the cabin. She love riding on the pontoon and thinking she can catch a seagull, loon or eagle as they fly by. She also loves the woods and the lake which allows her to burn off all that pent up puppy energy. She definitely enjoys our cabin as much as we do. Thanks again for all you do.



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