Happy Birthday Miss Berthe!

Happy Birthday Miss Berthe!  Berthe turned 12 today (February 17, 2020). The beautiful daughter of Emmy and Captain. She is still obsessed with her ball and still beautiful. Hope all is well with you, Barb, and that beautiful family of yours. Best, Diana & Chuck


Hi Barb,  I had to share some pictures of my son and our precious Murphy (Maddie and Captain 10/2008). Eric had his senior pictures taken and Murphy joined in for a few of them. They turned out so well. They make my heart melt. These two have always had a special bond but even more …

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Dear Barb: Attached is a recent picture of our sweet Lucy, who turned 12 in May.  She is the daughter of Captain and Zena.  She has given our entire family so many years of love and enjoyment.  She hasn’t had any serious health issues yet and is well settled into her senior years, right along …

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Barb, We wanted you to know—It’s been a few months since we helped send our Maddie (Jewel/Captain) to Heaven.  Maddie was my birthday gift 13+ years ago–(she was born in January 2006)–but she wasn’t just my puppy dog–she touched the hearts of all she met–she had a gentle spirit and was forever faithful. She was …

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Hi Barb, Just a quick update on Daisy (Ruby/Captain).  She is so sweet and loving. At 10 years she is still very spunky and playful as you can see in this picture.  What a beautiful Golden. ❤️🐾 Rebecca 

Sleepy Sienna

Sienna (Zoey/Captain) is all tuckered out after an exciting Christmas waiting for Santa, opening gifts, having company come, supervising the kitchen and playing with her new toys!….. she is such a joy! Cherie


Sienna (Zoey/Captain) turned 8 on February 13– she is beyond the joy of our hearts.  Love this little Golden Girl to the moon and beyond.  She made “13” my lucky number and has been such a soul mate for all of her 8 years.  She has a very sweet disposition and we are told that …

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Hi Barb, We wanted to share an update with you on our beautiful golden, Maddie. Maddie’s parents were Captain and Jewel. This January, Maddie turned 12 years old!  Her personality is the best blend of playful and caring. She loves swimming, sunbathing, going for long walks, and being at Grandma’s house. We love her very …

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