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I received this message this week regarding one of our former puppies:
Trooper is THE best! As I've mentioned before, he is everything we could
have hoped for. He is a favorite at Gillette Children's hospital as a
therapy dog and we have had some pretty touching moments there with
some kids who really struggle in life. Just last week there was a little boy
on a cart lying on his stomach who had to pull himself around to build
strength in his arms. ( and both legs were in casts). He LOVED Trooper
and was not real fond of trying to pull himself around so the therapists
used Trooper as an incentive. The little boy would have to pull himself so
far, and then as a reward, Trooper got to sled-dog him the rest of the way.
There wasn't a dry eye in the place as the boy screamed with delight!
You must feel such satisfaction breeding such lifechanging companions!

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