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It has been a very busy summer. First a litter of 4, then 6, and now the last litter of 12 will go to their new homes in a few days. You must think we are crazy to have so many puppies. The truth is, there were so many people wanting a puppy this summer, and we knew we would have the extra help with our children home, that we decided we could do it. When we bred Lilly and calculated when her puppies would be ready to go, it was the same week most of my family goes up to Lake Vermillion for a week of fun in the sun with all the cousins. Knowing all we do with the puppies the last week, it was impossible to go on vacation with everyone else this year. Typically this would be very hard for me, but today, what I experienced made it all worth while.

Our married daughter Kelly came home to help us take the puppies to different places. You can imagine taking 12 puppies into a nursing home or pre-school! When we walked into the foyer of the nursing home, a lot of residents were anxiously waiting for us. Greeting us with open arms, and huge smiles. As we placed the puppies into their arms, their eyes lit up! As I walked the hall and saw each one of my children handing puppies to residents, smiling and explaining how old the puppy was, yes, it is a golden retriever, no they are not available, they are all spoken for, there are 12! Yes, all from one mother……my heart melted as I could see how much ministry was going on in the hearts of the residents. One man in particular stood out to me. He could barely raise his head, and as I put the puppy on his lap, he wrapped his arms around it and began to cry. At first I thought he was distraught, but then I realized he was crying tears of joy. This man could not speak, but his face showed all the emotion he was feeling as he held this little bundle of love. Ironically, the puppy laid in his lap and did not try to wiggle out. I stood there for 10 minutes while the man and puppy snuggled. The power of love is the greatest force on this earth. As I watched my children, the puppies and the residents, I was overwhelmed with love. Love for my kids, the puppies, and the joy we brought into this place.

Last night as I placed one of the puppies on my chest to see if she would lick my face or run away, she snuggled up and gave me a few sweet kisses, then got down and started exploring, coming back to me for reassurance. I smiled thinking of the dog she will grow to be, and the blessings she will bring to her new family. Through all the early mornings, late nights, tons of laundry, book work, phone calls, baths, vet visits, interviews, poop scooping and brushing…it is all worth it. I love my job!

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