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We love Rocky

Dear Barb,

First of all I wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did with Rocky. With your training he became a wonderful walker, and a much calmer companion. He is not chewing anything or trying to bite anybody. He interacts very well with other dogs and people, including little kids. We had a wonderful summer with him, we took him everywhere, soccer games, friends’ cabins, canoeing and he always behaved well. He loves to walk and run, every morning after his breakfast we walk together around the lake (2.8 miles) and we try to go again later in the day. We love the new collar and leash. Everybody knows Rocky, because we stop to greet every dog we meet on our walks! We had family from Italy staying with us and they also fell in love with him! A Few weekends ago we met another of your goldens (Alta), he was from the litter before Rocky’s and we could tell that Captain was their father! Rocky is now 56 lbs but he is very fit. He loves his crate and he didn’t have any house accident, he always let us know when he needs to go out.

Thanks. Best regards to all the family,