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Our Oldest Daughter Christie is 30!

My oldest child is 30. It means I am aging, and she is mature! I love the aging process. It is what God intended it to be! We are to grow older, and as we do, we enjoy things we overlooked when we were younger. Christie has been a dream come true for a daughter. When she was little she had long, curly blond hair and the deepest blue eyes. She never sassed back to me. She always respected me. She has always been a friend to me. Now that she is a woman, she is one of the people I call when I am hurting or rejoicing. I love being a mom, and being her mother has been a joy. As we celebrate her life, I am so thankful for the woman she has become and the wife and mother, sister, daughter, friend she is!

There are so many different kinds of love…the love for your spouse, your parents, your children, your siblings, your friends, your pets…I remember as Christie grew, thinking one day “now I know how much my mom loves me!” Because the love a parent has for the child is different than the love the child has…it is protective, adoring, forgiving. It sees the best! It has not been difficult to see the best in Christie. I am so thankful for her and can’t imagine life without her! Many more Happy Healthy years to my sweet daughter!