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Hi Barb, Russ, and Amy! 

First of all – THANK YOU again for doing so much in the first 7 weeks to give these puppies the best development you can. Obie’s well-puppy checkup went great and his stool sample came back all negative for any parasites. He’s settling in so well and already getting a bit more courage to explore around the apartment on day 3. He’s adjusting nicely to his crate – he’s slept through the night all 3 nights so far with zero issues (yay!!) he’s even voluntarily gone in there a few times to hang out or snooze so I see a positive relationship with his crate in his future 🙂 

Obie has been an absolute peach so far – calmest puppy I’ve ever come across! He does have quite the taste for flesh over his toys so we’re working on a firm “NO” with redirecting. He’s really enjoying the toy goose, donut, and nylabone we got for him the most. He has quite the fetching interest in tennis balls…they’re a little too big for his mouth just yet but he tries. He even had his first ice cube today and loved it! 

Some pictures/videos from the first couple days are attached 🙂