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Morgan and Jersey

I hope this finds everyone at Rolling Oaks, very well and enjoying our spring. I wanted to share a few pictures of Morgan and Jersey with you. Morgan, now 10 years old and Jersey, soon to be 4 in July, are doing great. Just recently, we adopted a bunny, “Jim Beam”. He’s a 2 year old Mini Lop. I think Morgan has found another best friend. As you can tell in the picture, she’s so gentle, and always has been from the beginning. It’s been since last fall for the acupuncture treatments with Morgan. I think it helped her “pinched nerve” pain, although she still has moments of stiffness we haven’t been needing to use pain medication. She’s gracefully aging. Jersey, continues to be our very “attention needy” golden. She still thinks she’s a lap dog and wouldn’t have it any other way!! We love our goldens dearly and can’t imagine life without either of them!! I hope you enjoy the pictures!!!