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Sierra & Summit

Good Afternoon Barb – I hope you, your family, and all the Golden’s are doing well! It seems like you have been busy recently with a few new litters! We just added to our famly. My wife, Kari, and I just had a little baby boy on Saturday June 25th. Caleb John. I included a pic of Sierra and Summit greeting Caleb for the first time when we brought Caleb home from the hospital. One pic is of Sierra (Captain/Emmy – she just turned two in June.) with Kari rocking Caleb in the nursery. Since we bought Caleb home, Sierra follows Kari around and typically will curl up next to her when she is feeding Caleb and/or rocking him. It is really cute. Almost as if Sierra has her maternal instinct and is trying to help out. The other one is what I found Summit (Captian/Jewel) with this morning 🙂 Kari and I were with Caleb in the nursery, and I walked back into our master bedroom to find Summit curled up on our bed….”pawing” something. Look closely…:) He must have grabbed the pacifier from the nightstand. Not good…necessarily, but really cute pic 🙂 The two dogs are AWESOME with Caleb so far! It has been GREAT!

Thanks Barb!