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Encouragement from Elaina

One of the perks of my job is that I can bring my grandkids to work! When they come home they ride on the four-wheeler to run the dogs. We typically sing “who let the dogs out?” Even though they are little they have responsibilities when they come to the farm. Two weeks ago Hazel went into labor. Hazel is our daughter Christie’s dog. Her four children were here when the puppies were born. Elaina is 9 and drew these pictures for Hazel and me.

I hung them in the kennel. Everyday when I see them I smile. I smile because I want life to be this simple. A rainbow over the dogs and me! I think God wants us to be carefree like kids. I loved the encouragement in “Hazel, you can do it”.

Tomorrow I am bringing Amy back to Mayo for more tests. I am going to think about the encouragement Elaina gave Hazel and remember…we can do this. Whatever you are going through, trusting God to carry you through is so much better than trying to handle it on your own. Thank you to so many of you for being patient and understanding as I have not returned a phone call promptly or replied to an email quickly. As important as my business is to me, my family has to come first. Thank you for understanding that. I appreciate all of you more than you can know.