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Sienna (Zoey/Captain) turned 8 on February 13– she is beyond the joy of our hearts.  Love this little Golden Girl to the moon and beyond. 
Sienna Rolling Oaks Golden Retrievers Sienna Rolling Oaks Golden RetrieversShe made “13” my lucky number and has been such a soul mate for all of her 8 years.  She has a very sweet disposition and we are told that my many – her hair is the silkiest I have ever felt on a dog!  She eats up all the compliments she gets on her looks and any attention someone will give her!  She was easy to train and loves to please. She is beyond words, a joy for us – you can’t have a bad day when this little girl comes wagging her tail and greeting you at the door.  She has been so healthy and strong….loves to have a good time, loves to swim and loves boating, is ‘ball crazy’, will challenge you to a ‘tug’ toy at times and friendly to all.  God created dogs to help complete people’s lives, and she has certainly helped to complete ours!  We are forever thankful to you and your family Barb, for such great and careful breeding of our beloved breed….. You do a marvelous job and it shows.  Thank you for choosing and caring for these little bundles of fuzz – they grow up so beautiful, loving and strong.  Thank you!