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Hi Barb, Kelly & Anna,
I have been meaning to send you an update on Emmy for so long now – and
being today is her first birthday I had to get it off to you finally!

First of all, she is such an amazing dog – sweet and calm, with a bit of
mischievousness thrown in for balance. Ha ha, She’s my little shadow and I
just love that she always has to be wherever I am.

Her favorite pastime is chewing on sticks in the backyard (or just running
around with them) – and terrorizing Finn.  LOL  Honestly though he is so
tolerant of her – almost too much so – and they play together so well (she
has been REALLY good for him).

She loves the water and we had to buy a bigger kiddie pool for the backyard,
as it needed to be big enough for both of them.  We had to fill it up EVERY
night this summer so she could “swim”.  Totally puts her whole head under
the water. I wanted to send you a video, but unfortunately, they were a
little too large to send.

She took to walking on a leash like she’d been doing it forever.  We walk
every morning and she’s so prancey and happy – it’s hard not to giggle at

Lastly, the picture of her sitting in front of the fan is her favorite spot
– sits like two inches from it with her ears and hair blowing –  like
Beyoncé! LOL We did have to break it to her though that the days are
numbered of having the fan on all evening. :0) Her second favorite spot is
sleeping with her head on the vent (second picture) when the air is running.
Apparently, there’s a theme here – ha ha

Well, I could go on and on about her and I can definitely say for sure that
we couldn’t have asked for a better match than her, as she’s been an amazing
addition to our family.

Thank you to all of you for all that you do to raise these wonderful dogs.

I promise to send another update soon.

Take Care and thank you again!
Darlene & John

PS. When I started typing this email yesterday I got the email from Kelly
wishing the litter a happy birthday! What great timing!