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Augie Update

Good afternoon,
Not sure if you want regular updates but I just had to share a couple pics of this adorable little guy on his 4-month bday.

Augie is a dream pup and all who meet him fall in love. He has a loving nature and chill disposition. He is also a healthy, curious, funny pup. We are so happy with our decision to get a Golden from Rolling Oaks.

His big sister Hazel is getting better every day now that she knows he isn’t going away 😂. And Augie loves her so much. He constantly showers her with kisses.

As expected he is likely going to be a big boy. He is growing so much and his front paws are almost the size of Hazel’s. But he is still a floppy, hilarious puppy.

Thank you again. We are over the moon with this special little boy.