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Lily, in her new home.

I want to share with you a story about one of our puppies. Her name is Lily, and when she went to her new home, she was seven weeks old, and a very happy, healthy puppy. When taken to her new vet, it was determined she had a case of vaginitis and was put on an antibiotic. When taken off, she urinated often and so she was put back on the medication. After seven months the vet felt if Lily went off the antibiotic, she would die because her blood results were so poor. He suggested putting Lily to sleep. This was devastating news to the owners, who then contacted me. I had them bring Lily back to Rolling Oaks so we could treat her with homeopathy and see if we could save her life. Our daughter Christie, who is a Classical Homeopath, gave Lily a remedy, we gave her acidophilus, and changed her food to a Science Diet KD (which is formulated for dogs with kidney failure).

After a few months, Lily got better, and ran and played with the other dogs. You would never guess she was sick. The owners have small children, and did not want to risk taking Lily back. My heart ached for this sweet family. We came to a conclusion that they would take Copper, one of our older dogs, and see if she was a good match for their family, as they did not want to go through the puppy stage again. Copper has been living there for seven months, and everyone is very happy. But that is not the end. Lily was placed with a wonderful woman who has had experience with special needs dogs. She agreed to continue homeopathy care, and the special diet. Almost everyday she sends me a report on Lily and her other 8 month old golden retriever Mizee. Lily is very happy there, and gets undivided attention. In the end, even though Lily’s owners had heart ache, they are very happy with Copper, and Lily is in a home where she is loved and cared for, and she and her owner are very happy.

Things don’t always go the way we plan, and when you are dealing with live beings, things can happen. It is not a perfect world. But I am happy to say that when something does go wrong with one of my puppies, I do all I know to do to make it right. It is a very difficult situation, but one that does occasionally rise. I want my clients to know that I am true to my word, and do my best to be fair in every situation. Our company policy is 100% of the truth, 100% of the time. This is not always easy to follow, but as an example to my children, I make a point to share with them when an opportunity arises that truth won out. My hope is that as they grow and have their own business and careers, they will keep this principle. The truth always sets you free!

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