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These four boys are state champions in the 200 free relay! They have
learned so many things this year. Watching them stride up the podium to the very top step, and the emotions they felt, made all the grueling practices worth it! Daniel tied for 7th in the state in his 200 free, and swam his personal best in the 500 to set a new school record. The relay team finished 3rd in the 400 relay, and as a team, finished 7 in the state! Coach was beaming with pride! We have never done so well in the swim season. Swimming is such a rewarding sport. For example, Daniel finished 13 in the state in the 500, in an ordinary situation that isn’t so great, but he swam his personal best, so it was fantastic! There are not many sports or extra curricular events that offer such self esteem and feelings of accomplishment for an individual. If you want to do well, and work hard at it, you continue to improve with every meet. This is a wonderful lesson in life. As time goes on, these boys will forget all the pain they endured, but they will remember the moment they stood on the podium together…a team…THE CHAMPIONS OF 2008!

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