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We took the puppies into Amy’s class today. This is her teacher and Para. I have always appreciated the teachers my children have had, but when Amy started school, I realized even more what an important role a teacher plays in our children’s lives. We have been so fortunate to have wonderful teachers for Amy. People who have a heart for children. Kindness, compassion, understanding and love are just a few of their attributes. When you have a child with special needs, your world is a little different. You are constantly striving to help your child reach her potential, and helping other people to see who she really is. Amy has total comprehension. She understands every thing you say to her. But her brain does not always let her respond correctly. She knows what to say, but can not always communicate it. Looking past this and seeing that she can read, key-board, ride bike and even wake board are gifts.
It’s a new year for Amy at school. Fifth grade. When I was surrounded by
the children in Amy’s class, I wanted to hug every one of them. They know Amy after all these years, and they love her and accept her for who she is. She is Amy to them, not a girl with Down Syndrome. They beg to come over and play with our puppies and swim in our pool, and ride the four wheeler with Amy! It was so fun to share the puppies with them, and listen to all the giggles and laughter. It is always hard for me to send Amy off to school the first few days, but in my heart I know it is where she belongs, out in the real world, where there are wonderful teachers and para’s, and kids who love her.

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