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I received this email testimonial and photo from one of our clients:

Hi Barb, Thought I’d quick send you an update on Sundance! We are totally smitten with him as is everyone he meets. Last night was his third night with us and he slept from 10:00PM – 5:00AM. I woke up more than he did! He is acclimating very well to his crate. Today I haven’t heard a peep out of him whenever I put him in, even when he can hear me. Today the plumber was here and I put him in to keep him out of the way. The plumber couldn’t believe how good he was. We’ve been to my mom’s nursing home and they mauled him and loved him up.

Today I took him to the school where I help out in the library and he (and they) loved it! He rides in the car like it’s nothing. He loves walking and attacking snow mounds and leaves and pine cones – must remind him of his family of origin!

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