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Today was the first day of school. I am always sad when this day comes, as it means an end to our days together on the farm. It has been a busy summer, but we made time to sit by the camp fire, swim in the pool, play bad mitten, ride horse, and above all, hold puppies! Our youngest daughter Amy has down syndrome, and typically rides a smaller bus that comes right to the door to pick her up and drop her off. We continue to strive for a normal life and routine for Amy, so this year she is riding the big bus. Our drive way is 1/2 mile long, so I usually run the dogs with the four wheeler to meet the bus in the morning. It was emotional for me to watch Amy and Anna get on the bus. I felt like it was a big step for her. Anna made a comment to me regarding what the other kids will think of Amy, and I said they will think she is different, but once they get to know her, they will love her! As a society, we tend to judge people before we really know them. Knowing Amy as well as we do, we know what a joy she is, and what a sweet personality she has. If someone does not get to know her simply because she is different, they are missing some of the most wonderful things life has to offer! I am not sure why today felt like a milestone in Amy’s life, but it made me laugh and cry at the same time as I let her go. Maybe that is it, she is not as protected, more vulnerable. But as parents we have to let them go, and experience life, a little bit at a time. Today was just the beginning of letting Amy go, and it is a good thing.

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