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Zuni (Izzy/Dutch)

Hi Kelly,


Happy New Year! We wanted to say thank you so much for the nice Christmas card and to send along a little update on Zuni.(Izzy/Dutch) She just weighed in at 29.7 lbs at her vet appointment this week—she’s growing like a weed! Our vet also owns and breeds goldens and remarked that she could tell we did our research in picking a breeder! We are so happy with Zuni and are so thankful for her. Even on her most mischievous days. 😉 She’s been a lot of work but it’s been so rewarding to see her progress every day and to get to grow our bond with her over the last two months. She is getting so smart and has developed quite the personality! She was very quickly crate trained and is almost fully potty trained—only a few infrequent accidents here and there at this point. We are so thankful for the foundation you built in her early days! She also starts puppy classes next week and we’re eager to build on the basics she’s learned so far as well as working on some of the puppy behaviors like chewing, biting, getting into things she shouldn’t, and her favorite—knocking things over on the coffee table, lol.

She is so playful, goofy, and a bundle of energy but also is the sweetest and cuddliest companion. No amount of attention is too much for her. She wants to be near us at all times, loves bringing us her toys and sitting on our laps, and has even gotten in the habit of sitting and staring at people on our walks until they come up to her and give her attention. We are finally getting into a groove with her and have adapted to each others’ lives and schedules which has been our saving grace! We love her to pieces and can’t thank you enough! Attached are some recent photos of her. We were delighted to find over Christmas that she is extremely gentle with my 1 ½ year old nephew. We also can’t believe how much of a little carbon copy she is of mama Izzy!

Thanks again, we couldn’t love her more!

Kelsey and Catie