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Our trip with Delilah



Anna and I just returned from Texas. We took Delilah there to be bred to Lochnivar. He is from Minnesota but is in Texas for some field training. We decided to take a little break from Minnesota and go. Russ stayed home and took care of the puppies, Amy and all the dogs. We were apart for 7 days. I never get away from the farm. Sometimes I feel a lot like a dairy farmer, I have to be here every morning and evening to take care of the dogs. Russ typically goes on a few hunting trips each year, so this is the first time he has had to take on all of my responsibilities. He did such a good job and is the best Dad. Being Amy has Down syndrome, she needs some extra care and there is a lot of communicating that goes on between school and home. Russ handled it all really well.

We did lose one of Jasmines puppies, a little female. When she was born I had a hard time getting her to breathe. Something wasn’t right, because on the fourth day she died. When this happens, I believe Mother Nature knows best, and something just wasn’t right for that little pup. So we have 11 puppies, and they are all thriving and doing well. Being apart from Russ, I realize how much I love him and need him. I have said it before, but when Russ is not with me it is like living without my right arm, I can do it, but it would be very difficult! I am completely happy when we are together. Being apart, I can be happy, but not completely!! It was so fun to spend time with Anna, and just relax, but it is also great to be home, and doing what I do best…being a wife, a mom, and a care giver to a lot of dogs!!