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In Memory of Brandy

image0011Barb — We hope that this email finds yourself, your family, and Rolling Oaks Goldens doing well. Here in Elko, MN we recently experienced one of the saddest days of our lives. After 11 glorious years, just this last April we lost our dear friend and companion, Brandy Anne. Cancer was the culprit that eventually took her from us.

Brandy meant a great deal to us, and brought so much happiness to our lives. We wanted to write and share with you our perspectives of what not only she meant to us, but just as importantly how we saw you as a contributor to that happiness.

Selecting our Breeder
Once we decided that a Golden Retriever was the breed best suited for our lifestyle, we had to find the right Breeder. We knew that we wanted to obtain our puppy from a reputable Breeder. We had heard sad stories about people getting puppies from individuals who didn’t take the same care in breeding dogs; we wanted to avoid these individuals at all costs. It was a lot of research at the time. We went to dog shows to talk to Breeders, as well as interviewed them on the phone. It was a link with a Breeder in Waverly, Iowa that led us to you. We can’t remember their names now, but if our recollections are correct, we believe you got Trea from this Breeder. In talking with you and visiting your farm, the way you approached breeding, and the care you took with your dogs, we knew you were the person we wanted to work with. Just as important was your feelings for us, and our ability to raise a puppy and provide her with a quality life. We’re so glad that you saw us as capable, and gave us this opportunity.

Taking Brandy home
In the spring of 1998 we traveled out to your farm in the Litchfield area to pick up our tiny puppy. She was one of many in the a litter; the product of Lady and Trea, proud parents for sure. We didn’t know which puppy we would be going home with, and to be honest had some anxiety about our Breeder selecting the dog we’d be living with for many years to come. That feeling dissipated quickly. From the start you assured us that we would be very happy with the dog we took home. It didn’t take long for us to greatly respect your approach. Your understanding of the type of dog we wanted, coupled with your deep experience and evaluation of the litter, would maximize the ability to select the best ‘match’ for our lifestyle. You really know your stuff. We reflected back many times over the years on that day; counting our blessings that our Breeder was intelligent enough to take this approach, and as a result could not have selected a more appropriate dog for us.

Brandy’s Life
We never ended up having any children; Brandy we considered ours. It sounded weird to some when we described her this way; an adult placing this type of label onto a pet. However, we didn’t care, Brandy meant that to us and that’s what mattered the most. There are too many examples of how Brandy brought joy to our lives; too many to detail out in an email. Just know that there were many, many good times and memories. She touched the lives of so many. Everyone loved her mannerisms and unique qualities. Strangers gravitated to her. She was like this mini magnet; always wanting to greet you and interact. You told us the day we picked her up that she was a ‘licker’; you were so right. She wanted to greet everyone with a lick (we called them kisses). That never changed; her entire life she licked people. It was one of the defining pieces that made her ‘Brandy’.

We’re so proud to be associated with ROG (Rolling Oaks Goldens). The pain and adjustment of not having Brandy here are still too real to consider doing this again right now. However, we strongly believe someday in the not too far off future that feeling will change. When we do decide it’s the right time, we’d love the opportunity to take this journey with your again.

Thanks for being the one to bring Brandy into our lives. We miss her, and cherish the many fond memories.

Yours Truly,

Brett & Patti