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Emma’s Birthday Party

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Hi Barb,  Just thought you might enjoy some pictures we took last night at
our birthday party!  Emma  (Ezra/Finny) received a new Nyla bone among other
things and got to have an ice cream treat!  Her nose didn’t lift from the
bowl until every last bit of ice cream was licked clean.  And then of course
much wagging of her tail and plenty of kissing/licking her family!
I’m sure you hear this all the time, but we all are so thankful for
you for caring for Emma and her Mom and siblings.  She is so loved and she
returns that love over and over again.  She is such a joy and the most loyal
companion…what a blessing she is.  Congratulations on your new addition to
the family and we all wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving and a
Merry Christmas!  Emma misses her playmate Madison…some day we had talked
about stopping at Daniel’s and having them say hi to each other!!!    Mark,
Ilene, Andrew, and Daniel  p.s. thought I would tack a photo
we took on the north shore this last summer on our family vacation.