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Copper had her puppies!

Copper gave birth to 5 puppies on May 5. There are 3 females, 2 males. This litter is spoken for. Hazel is due June 10 and Jasmine is due June 24. We will be breeding Emmy in the future. The puppies in Hazel’s litter are spoken for. Depending on how many pups in each litter, Jasmine may have puppies available in her litter. They will be ready for their new homes around August 4. Emmy’s litter will be ready for their new homes around October. There is never a dull moment here as we prepare for Anna’s graduation party. She finished school yesterday at Ridgewater College. She went post secondary. It was a lot of work and I am so proud of her. Not everyone can accomplish all that she has at her young age. It is not easy for me to prepare to let her go. She has been such a blessing to our family. I don’t have to tell her what needs to be done, she sees it and does the job. She is so good with Amy and really brings out the best in her. It will be a completely different house next fall when Anna is gone. Thankfully she is working for Rolling Oaks this summer, as we have 4 litters total!!! I will post more photos of all the puppies so you can watch them grow!