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Celebrating Victory Over Lymes

Amy was diagnosed with Lymes Disease in 2015. It was a very dark time in our life as we watched our daughter go from a thriving young woman to near death. Amy’s health deteriorated to the point where she needed assistance to eat, drink, bathe and dress. It was like taking care of an 11 month child.

We didn’t know if she would ever “come back”. Many of our family and friends supported us with love and prayer. Amy was seeing her doctor every three months for the last two and a half years. Today after looking at her test results and seeing how well she is doing he said we don’t have to come back!! Amy will continue on a herbal protocol for another year and we will assess how she is doing at that time to determine her plan. It is a great victory to know she is in remission of Lymes, so to speak! I am dancing!
Crying tears of joy as I continue to trust God with Amy’s life. I cannot imagine our lives without her. I believe we were “Chosen For This Gift”.

Life is not always easy but it certainly is rewarding when you have a day like today. With all the heart ache and sorrow in our world I wanted to share something to brighten your day. There is hope for the hopeless. I have experienced it firsthand.