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Amy is Homecoming Queen


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Amy was crowned the Homecoming Queen for Litchfield High School Monday
night. I have to say I am pretty emotional as I write this. 19 years ago
when Amy was born and I read all the negative things about Down Syndrome, I
remember wondering if Amy would have any friends. I wish I could send the
photos on Amy’s Facebook page to all the authors and professionals who made
us feel like Amy would never fit in, never be a success. Thanks to her
amazing family and friends and community, she has proven them wrong. It
isn’t the “queen” thing that makes us so happy. It is the fact that all
those students opened their hearts and got to know who Amy is and nominated
her as their queen. That is what makes us so proud of them and our
community. The class that Amy is in has made this possible. The way they
have accepted her and helped her through the years. Amy has an amazing group
of friends and teachers and mentors that allow her to be a part of their
Feeling overwhelmed with joy today. God Bless the students and faculty of