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This is a message from a client who just picked up their little Zazie (Ruthie/Champ) on Tuesday. I am happy that our Rolling Oaks Goldens are so well socialized and used to new environments and other dogs that when they are placed in their new home it is actually a great experience. I love the sign on the door and how Beau, the German Shepard is patiently waiting for his new little sister to wake up and play.

Hi Barb,

She’s getting better and better with the crate and sleeping for longer periods which is fantastic. Beau is quite taken with her and sometimes waits outside the door while she’s snoozing.
She’s pretty fearless and already hopping up and down stairs, attacking flowers 🤣, and running after Beau. I took them on a walk by myself yesterday and it went well. Zazie wants to keep up with Beau and just trots full speed ahead. She’s quite the love bug, I get lots of kisses and her tail wags and wags; such a happy girl!

I’m enjoying every second!!!