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I read the excerpt from the book you have started, and I absolutely think this will appeal to, and affect mothers, fathers, families, grandparents, and everyone in between. I remember watching your daughter so happy in the middle of all the puppies on one of the visits I made to see the puppies, and that moment was very touching. I will post the link on facebook, and wish you much success for having the courage to share your heartfelt life’s story.

My big guy, Winston (Banner and Lilly July 2007), is the silliest, sweetest, Golden ever! He will be 5 years old this summer, and still acts as if he is a little puppy. I have attached a picture of him with his favorite toy, “Lammy.” He is super smart, and everyone falls in love with him. He just sparkles!

We have purchased a new home with larger acreage, so hoping to find a new friend for Winston in a year or so and feel good that they can have a large area to play and run. I’m sure I will be talking to you in the next year……………

Warm regards,