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Why We Recommend Nu Vet Products

Hi Barb,

Our big boy Tahoe is almost 10 years old! I cannot believe how fast the time goes. He is doing so well and everyone still comments about what a handsome boy we have. I wanted to share with you a success story we have had with him. Tahoe would sometimes get what we called depressed, he wouldn’t jump up when we came home, just not too excited about things in general. When we had him at the vet they thought maybe he is just getting old and achy and they gave me a prescription for an anti-inflammatory medication to give him when this happens. 

We have been giving him Nu Vet Plus vitamins since he was a puppy on your recommendation. When I was reordering those I saw the NuJoint Plus vitamins and decided to give them a try. Ever since he has been on these supplements he has never again had an episode of whatever he had going on and is off all medication. He runs like a puppy with his younger brother Magic  (6 y/o) and is always at the door to greet us at the end of the day! Thanks for investing in our puppies for the long term and not just for the first 7 weeks of their lives!

Rolling Oaks Nu Vet

Steve & Barb