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Wedding Day

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The wedding was wonderful. It was a perfect day. The best part about it is seeing Anna and Britton since their wedding day. They are so happy. They are so in love. I know they will be okay, because love never fails. It is the most powerful force on the earth. And they have it. When they were home on Easter week-end my heart was filled with joy to hear them laugh and interact with each other. True love. These photos capture a few of my favorite moments of their special day. As you know, I am more than a dog breeder. I am a wife who is madly in love with her man. A mom who spend hours praying for her kids to know and serve the Lord. I am a sister who tries to be there when my siblings need me. I am a friend who wants to hear about my friends life, the good and the bad. I am a grandma who adores her grandkids and hopes to be an example to them. And yes, a very very big part of my life is dogs. They take a tremendous amount of my time, yet I am rewarded.

What do we have in life that is worth having that doesn’t require time and attention? If you have a Rolling Oaks Golden you know how rewarding it has been to raise and train a true friend. Please be patient with me if you have tried to contact me lately. My life is full, in a very good way! I feel like the luckiest person on earth! With these wet spring days my job can be more challenging to keep everyone dry and warm. We had three early spring litters, the last two will be leaving tomorrow and next Tuesday. We have two late spring litters with Zoey & Copper. This past Saturday was Amy’s prom. She had a wonderful time. Saturday was also puppy visit for Delilah’s litter. I spent the day with clients, then rushed off to see Amy in the grand march, then went to Becker furniture world to get some new patio furniture for the pool area. (It was a 3 hour sale) and went to get Amy from the dance in Bloomington. Got home, went to bed and ½ hour later Zoey started having her babies!! Needless to say, I was exhausted on Sunday!

Today I took Ezra’s litter to the memory care center in Litchfield. It always makes me happy to bring the puppies there. So many smiles and happy faces. Tomorrow Ezra’s litter will leave, and we will start the extreme puppy socializing for Delilah’s litter. It is intense, but when I have a day like today when the puppies bring so much joy to others, it is all worth it! I will post all the adventures the puppies in the early spring litters have gone on in a week or so. Don’t let the rain get to you. Most of us have a washing machine and dryer to clean up with and a warm house to stay dry in!