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Vacation 2010

Every year my family goes up to Lake Vermilion for a one week vacation. We typically join them for at least part of the week. There are over 80 people, and tons and tons of little kids! It is planned for the same week every year, so there are times that have not worked out for my family to join, due to what is going on with puppy’s here at Rolling Oaks. This year we knew Maddie was going to deliver her puppies around July 24, and we had a hotel booked for that night. We hired our veterinarian’s daughter to take care of the dogs while we were gone, and she helped Maddie deliver 10 puppies. I have to admit, it was not easy for me to be away from home at this critical time. This is one of the difficult things about owning your own business. It can be hard to separate business time from family time. I have to make a conscience effort to not let the business pull me too far from my family. This vacation is one week out of the year, and I need to be there with my husband, children and grandchildren. Of course everything went well, and Maddie and puppies are thriving!

We brought Copper, the puppy we kept from Delilah’s litter, on the trip. She was perfect, and enjoyed all the action. We are making a training video with Copper as the star! When all 15 of us are on the pontoon, I close my eyes and listen to all the voices and sounds. It is a dream come true for me to be surrounded by my family, listening to the teasing, laughing and sometimes crying. I feel so blessed to be their mom, and be a part of their lives. Lots of times I look at Russ, and see the joy in his eyes as he watches his grandsons learn to fish, swim, play ball, and get along with each other. I look at all the kids and say to him ” all this is because we love each other” It is great.

We are home now and started the week off helping with Vacation Bible School at church. Our grandson Samuel is here for the week. Of course I am his grandma so I think everything he does is perfect, but I have to say there is nothing more fun than spending one on one time with him, and listening to his comments, and how he sees the world. He always has a question for me. When we are holding the puppies he will ask, “why do you think God gave puppy’s a tail? ” I love it!