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Tucker and Emma Meet (Cabela & Champ Christmas Eve 2015)

image001-2Hi Barb.  On the return leg of our trip with Tucker to South Carolina, we had the best time stopping in Champaign, IL to see Emma (Tucker’s Sister) and Sandee.  Here is a picture of the two of them.  I have to say, we are pretty sure Emma and Tucker love each other (much kissing and hugging), and they are almost identical.  It was a hoot to watch them play and walk together.  We and Sandee plan regular reunions.

Tucker is about as perfect as a dog can be as a travel dog.  He loves all people, especially kids, and loves all dogs!  He sleeps on his back as we drive along, and enjoys his travels (4,000 mile trip).  We are so happy to have him.  In the picture below, Tucker is on the right, and Emma is on the left.  Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful little boy!