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Triumph, Tragedy and New Life

Barb & Daniel celebrating at the Ironman Finish Line!

Daniel crossing the finish line in the IRONMAN

“Donate Life” bracelets to honor a special 13 year old boy

Our granddaughter Elaina holding Cabela’s puppies

We have experienced the highs and lows of life the last two weeks. Our son Daniel finished the Ironman in Madison, Wisconsin, 3rd in his age group, 59 overall. Our entire family went to Wisconsin Dells two days before and enjoyed the waterpark, and spent 10 hours on Sunday following Daniel as he raced. It was very emotional and exhausting! We never dreamed he would finish so well at his first Ironman. We were all so proud of his accomplishment.

The next week we got a phone call from our daughter Christie that her husband Sean’s 13 year old cousin was biking and got hit by a semi. He was airlifted to HCMC but was not responsive. Christie and Sean were at the hospital and in on meetings to determine if Jacob would be an organ donor. The family decided to give the gift of life to others as they said good bye to Jacob. The week ended with a balloon release at his burial service.

On Friday Cabela delivered 9 puppies. New life. It is a reminder that there will always be life and death. We just feel so robbed when death comes too soon. It has been such an emotional few weeks, filled with laughter and tears, joy and grief. I am so extremely thankful for my life. Every little squeal the puppies make remind me of life and love and health. The grandchildren running and playing, jumping and skipping, all make me want to embrace life with everything that is in me.