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Training Tahoe

Dear Barb and Russ,

We just wanted to send you an update on our progress with Tahoe since he spent the week training with you. He is a changed man! All of his bad habits are gone, for example he used to bark at us for attention, he was always mouthing at our arms, he only came about 50% of the time when called and rarely laid down when told to. Now we have a dog that can be walked off leash, if he see’s another dog or a person he sits down and waits for us to get to him. He follows hand signals best in fact he will always come to an arm gesture. If he is away from us and we want him to stop we call his name, he looks, we motion for him to sit and he does it! We can even get him to lay down from a distance. When people find out he is only 9 months old they often do not believe us because he is so well behaved. It is hard to believe he only spent one week with you, it was well worth the time apart.

Thank you so much for your time and dedication.

Steve and Barb