Specializing in Breeding and Training Golden Retrievers for 40 Years.

Training makes a huge difference

Dear Barb,

As you know we are now on our 4th Golden from Rolling Oaks. Each time I cannot imagine loving a dog more than the last one we had.. but we always do. This time I have to say is totally different because we are enjoying having our pet fully trained by you! Don’t get me wrong – we always loved our Goldens but this one is such a pleasure to have in our home. He is calmer and has so easily integrated into our family I cannot thank you enough. I had no idea the difference a professionally trained dog would make in our life. We took all the others to a basic training class but their behavior does not compare to our recent golden that you trained. I love walking him and when I run into friends he sits calmly by my side.. I’m so thrilled ! In fact, my daughter fights with me now to see who gets to walk him. Before it was like the dogs walked us!! He listens to our commands and is a joy to have in our home every day. I did not say that about our others at 9 months of age. It was always stressful for our family but not this time. I would never get another golden without having you train it.. EVER….
Thank you again!
Sincerely Eileen