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Times Have Changed

23 years ago I didn’t know anyone with Down Syndrome. I didn’t really know what Down Syndrome was. Today is National Down Syndrome Day and people around the world are wearing crazy mix-matched socks to honor all the amazing people with an extra chromosome. Oh how times have changed in a good, good way. Now there are slogans with sayings like “more alike than different” and “down right perfect” My favorite is “the lucky few” Because the few of us who experience having a person with Down Syndrome in our life really are the lucky ones! When I told Amy it was Down Syndrome Day her comment was “what’s that?” One of the things I love about her is that every day is a good day. She brings life into perspective. Amy has taught me more about life and love, kindness, forgiveness, trials and triumphs than anyone I know. She has touched the lives of so many and we definitely are the lucky few!