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Hi Barb. Hope all is well. Thought you’d like an updated photo of Tia (pictured w/ James and then Charley and James). She’ll be 2 years old in a couple days. (Ruby/Captain puppy) She’s gorgeous, sweet, loving and basically perfect.

She’s been a calming force as I go through treatment for cancer. She follows me around like a mother hen, checking in on me and cuddling with me. She sniffs me a lot with a real look of concern. Joel is amazed how worried she seems about me. We all really love her. Thanks for picking her out for us – it’s a perfect fit. I should be fine in a few more months. It takes about a year the doctor said to cure me of this breast cancer junk. I’ll be glad when I’m looking back on all this. But in the mean time Tia is a great source of comfort.

Take care,