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Hi Barb-
I just wanted to send you a couple new pictures of Tashi (born August 2006 Jewel and Captain). We really couldn’t ask for a better dog and I’m still wanting another puppy to add to our little family, partially because she is so great! Tashi goes to doggy day care twice a week to wear off some of that endless energy plus to keep up with her socialization skills with other dogs. The people at the day care love her and all want to keep her. It’s really nice to hear how much they really enjoy having her there and what a great dog she is.
Tashi has the biggest smile I’ve ever seen from a dog and I’m constantly hearing from others how beautiful and adorable she is when she smiles…I don’t think most people have seen a dog smile like she does!
Thank you again for giving her such a great start to her life. Harry and I count our blessings every day we have her in our lives! She’s a great dog bred by great people. Thanks again for breeding such a beautiful soul. I’m hoping I will be contacting you in the near future to add to our family.

Warmest Regards,