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Tahoe is 3 years old

Hi Barb, Wanted to check in to give you the 3 year update on Tahoe (Ruby/ Captain Sept 2009). He is wonderful! His favorite activities include rolling on his back and getting his tummy rubbed, chewing on sticks and bones, playing tug with just about anything and just holding a dirty sock in his mouth. We jog 4-6 miles 5 days a week and he runs by my side perfectly. When we go for walks he will often find a 6-8 foot long stick (or log) and carry it all the way home, which sometimes is almost a mile. When he does this his head and tail are high up in the air and you can tell he is thinking about the great treasure he just found! Everyday he puts a smile on our face. He is so very healthy, never an ear infection or sign of allergies, thyroid troubles or anything else, his teeth are pearly white his eyes are bright and his coat is thick and beautiful. Best of all he has so much self confidence that he just knows that every person on the planet loves him. Thank you so much for giving him such a great start to life, he would not be this way without all of your efforts in breeding the best! We love your blog posts, thanks for sharing your life with us. Barb and Steve