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img_1586 img_1584Here is an update on Sunny. (Piper/Jackson)

We had to let out his collar a bit, and switched from the little crate to a divided big crate.  Still never one accident in the crate!!  He is doing great  walking on the extended leash, potty outside,  sit, come, and stay.  I have to work on down.  Socialization is NO problem.  We have another Golden his age next door, several other nice dogs in the neighborhood and two puppies coming down the street during October.  It’s pretty much “Puppy Heaven” around here.  The children up and down our block can’t wait to get home from school to play with the puppies!  Bill and I are having such joy with our little Sunny—-it was the perfect name because he truly is Sunshine!  Next week we will go to Madison WI for a few days ( Sunny is great riding in the car) for Sunny to meet our daughter’s dog, Paco—he is a Golden exactly one year older than Sunny and a sweet and gentle dog.  They will become great friends.
Thanks again for all you did to make our Sunny so adaptable, laid back, full of fun, and just the sweetest little guy!
Mary and Bill