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Wanted to give you an update on Stella (Captain/Maddie – Nov 2009).

She is weighing in at a little over 27 lbs of pure joy! In February was had our parvo shot only and in the next week will have the last of the puppy shots. Her eye is 100% recovered from the vaccine reaction. At a year the plan is to give her a proactive serious of eye drops and then the distemper and hepatitis.

To say that she loves water is an understatement. Water in any form – snow, standing, shower, frozen she adores and continues to want more.

Stella & Greta both just graduated from Puppy Kindergarten and are heading into the Total Puppy class next week. Stella is exactly what I wanted. She is calm but playful, listens most of the time and wants to be around people and other puppies constantly. Everyone we meet comments on how 1st beautiful she is but than how surprised they are at how well behaved and calm she is. She is +99% housetrained, comes when called about 90% time and outside of encouraging her to take a nap she is truly exceeding my expecations.

Puppyhood is awesome but also looking forward to see what she looks like as the months progress!

It might be premature, but what are your thoughts adding another dog to the family? Not thinking today but is there an ideal separation of age that does make sense? She has so much fun playing with other dogs that it started me thinking about what it would be like with one around more often. Of course the only other dog would be another Rolling Oaks Golden – I am now officially addicted to the breed and your puppies.

Here are some recent photos – I think she looks like her dad!