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Status Updates of Puppies in New Homes

“Dear Mommy, (Zoey)I miss you but I’m liking my new digs, my big brother,
Wilson, and my new parents. I’ve learned a lot in a week, especially the
words “no” and “potty.” Love, Callahan”IMG_1097

Hi! Happy to report Chief had a good well-puppy checkup today; all tired out after visiting with all the staff. Everyone remarked on how content he is & such a sweet look in his eyes. He’s eating well, sleeping well- we’re only up / out once during the noct (I’m up anyway so it works out) no issues. He’s trying his best to be the cat’s best friend but Bogey is a little stubborn about that. Chief is happy, well loved & cared for; we are grateful he came to live with us! Thank you!

image1 (2) IMG_0121


Barb and Russ, we have named our pup Finnegan.  Or Finn for short. He had a great trip home yesterday,  and has already met lots of folks. He did pretty good on his first night, and slept till about 5am. I took him out at 5;30. He plays just fine, and listens to the sounds around him. More than anything,  he loves to nap, and snuggle. He ate real good yesterday,  and pooped plenty. He hasn’t been very hungry today though. I think he misses his siblings still?  Anyway,  we will update you as we can. Thanks again. We love our little Finnegan. Let me know if this picture doesn’t come through to you.

20150509_184518 20150509_200914